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Offsite Party Venue for Convention/ Association Meetings near Long Beach

Couture Events in our Historic Landmark Venue in Long Beach's Arts District

Offsite Party Venue for Convention/ Association Meetings near Long Beach

Couture Events in our Historic Landmark Venue in Long Beach's Arts District

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Offsite Party Venue for Conventions and Meetings in Long Beach (max capacity 1100)

Conventions and multi-day meetings in downtown Long Beach are generally looking for options that are large enough to provide an experience for their attendees. 440 Elm provides a large, historic venue with the right character and catering to give attendees a memorable offsite party location with great Food and Beverage! Perfect for making sure that the post-conference survey has something good to say about the food and beverage at the party.

We work well with a few different kinds of offsite party:

  • Opening Party: This may be the night after early registration or an evening after a full-day of events. It's where new attendees meet and get to know the people that will become their friends by the end of the convention. It's where returning attendees can catch up with the people from last time and get that moment of excitement that says that this year will be the best yet!
  • Sponsored Party/ Installation:

An opening party sets the tone for a large meeting or convention. It's a place for people to break the ice, create a few connections that they'll see over the next few days, reconnect with people they might not have seen for a while, and get into the mood for a fulfilling conference experience. An opening party done well reflects well on the meeting organizers and creates a confidence and momentum and energy that can make all the right things happen for a great meeting.

Our Approach to Hosting Opening Parties

We believe that opening parties are about creating the small conversations at the beginning of a several day experience that blossom into lifelong relationships. A surprising number of long-term friendships start with a chance meeting walking over to the initial party or mixer - when everyone's a little nervous and it's not quite clear if you'll know anyone attending this year. That initial conversation and introduction turn into a few conversations over the first day, a deeper discussion about challenges/ opportunities in the hallway track, and a blossoming friendship that continues past the meeting's end.

Our spaces are conducive to creating these chance meetings while also providing a mix of great food & beverage (generally always important on those attendee feedback forms) and some spaces for music/ entertainment.

Hosting Opening Parties for Long Beach Conventions and Meetings

In the Long Beach area, there are a limited number of spaces that can host a larger convention group. 440 Elm offers 20K sq ft of event space in a private facility and brings high end food and beverage to the table. Our largest room holds up to 900 and has the soaring 30' ceilings that let guests know that a special evening is in store.

Recommended Convention Offsite/ Party Catering Menus

Latin Bites

Download PDF: Latin Bites

Latin Bites

Download PDF: Bites

Taco Bar

Download PDF: Taco Bar

Taco Bar
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