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A summer-filled tablescape bursting with floral and fresh citrus

Family-Style Wedding Reception Menus

Couture Events in our Historic Landmark Venue in Long Beach's Arts District

Family-Style Wedding Reception Menus

Couture Events in our Historic Landmark Venue in Long Beach's Arts District

Recommended Family-Style Menus

Family-Style Wedding Reception

We love the family-style approach. Our menu is designed to inspire a congenial, lively atmosphere offering a variety of different flavors in one sitting. As a seated format, it works well within a wedding timeline that includes speeches, entertainment, or other elements where the audience is expected to be seated and focused on the festivities

The Design of a Family-Style Wedding Service

  • This is a seated format where guests are assigned to a table
  • All items are served in a shared format with desired items added to the guest's plate. This can come in the form of shared platters passed around the table, carts that approach the table (dim sum style), or baskets/ trays presented by a server
  • Guests interact with each other to pass the elements of the dinner around the table and/ or servers can come around with options for the table
  • The format promotes interaction with the server and other guests
  • The format provides a medium for allowing guests to select more of the food items that they prefer, making this a good format for groups that have food preferences

Our Approach to Family Style Service

440 Elm is well suited to a family-style service. The grand hall model evokes a large group of people sharing a meal.

Family-Style Inspiration Photos

Asparagus Family-style
Chicken TBD - Familystyle
Scenic Malibu Outdoor Wedding Dinner
Quinoa Salad Family-style
Wedding Table Setting
Family Style Panzanella
Farmers Market Wedge Salad
seared thinly-sliced cassis and red wine marinated flank steak with housemade chimichurri with sriracha aioli
pistachio crusted seasonal catch
Panzanella Salad
Asian duck pancakes
Bread Basket

Recommended Menus

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California Summer
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