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Wedding Venue With Indoor/ Outdoor Spaces For Large Weddings

Couture Events in our Historic Landmark Venue in Long Beach's Arts District

Wedding Venue With Indoor/ Outdoor Spaces For Large Weddings

Couture Events in our Historic Landmark Venue in Long Beach's Arts District

Large Weddings at 440 Elm: Grand Celebrations in Monumental Spaces

At 440 Elm, we offer a private facility that once held 2200 people for worship and Sunday school. It's now available for people of all faiths for their wedding ceremony and/or reception. We have the rare urban venue with large spaces that allow for a large ceremony combined with a large reception. And we have plenty of smaller spaces as well to create break out and photo areas for the party!

A Grand Ballroom

Our Sanctuary at 440 Elm offers one of the largest non-hotel ballrooms in Southern California. Tall 30' ceilings and bright stained glass lend an airy feel to the room while the craftsmanship speaks to a aura of quality. It is a timelessly elegant space. There is space for all: for dancing, for dining, for meeting and talking. The ballroom can host up to 500 guests in a dining configuration (900 standing) although if you have a dancing crowd, you may want to ensure that you allocate plenty of space for the dance floor!

An Outdoor Plaza

Our Plaza at 440 Elm offers a large outdoor event space with a 60' tall projectable wall, 120' long wall of passionfruit, and lots of configurable options for the ceremony of your dreams. There's room for a large platform against the wall, in front of our gates (if a long walk down the aisle is your preference), or in a central position for a 360 degree ceremony experience.

No Flipping Required

In many venues, the same space must be used for the ceremony and the reception. This requires a ‘flip’—a quick, often frantic, rearrangement of tables and chairs while guests are forced to wait on the periphery or leave the area altogether.

440 Elm offers a much more seamless transition between a ceremony in one space to the cocktail hour potentially in another and the reception in a third. This allows for a more measured flow through the event and allows for better transitions and more focused engagement from your service team.

A Private Facility

440 Elm can be your private facility during your event. We have an enclosed campus without other guests on site during your event hours. You can enjoy the evening and celebrate freely amongst friends.

A Creative Canvas with Awareness of Cultural Needs

We're excited to see your wedding vision brought to life with lots of creative ideas that may just have viral potential on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tiktok. We encourage the use of creative, innovative event professionals with all different areas of focus and we are excited to plan all that out with you in ways that map to our house rules to protect the property.

We also are excited to welcome in couples celebrating love across all different types of cultures. We look forward to seeing weddings of all faiths and traditions express their creativity and cultural elements in our venue. We do have an exclusive caterer but can work with you on buyouts where culturally specific expertise is required or a desired experience would help bring families together with traditions.

Centrally Located in downtown Long Beach

Centrally located between LA and Orange County locations, our Long Beach Arts District location provides a great place for locals or for people coming from farther away. There are lots of great local hotels and attractions, 3 airports to choose from within 30 minutes, and plentiful nearby parking with shuttle or valet access.

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